• Professional Graphic Design - Brand Logo Creation

    Exclusive logos and corporate graphic style. Expensive

    If you want a professional logo, hire a professional designer. Do not use one of the $99 logo web sites. If you want a quality logo, you want to be able to work directly with a designer so that they can get a completely understanding of your business needs and objectives and then walk through the entire process with you. You will not get that from one of those logo sites. Keep in mind the type of clients and, therefore, type of designers it attracts.
    It's focused on clients that value low-cost over everything. As such, the site is only attracting designers willing to work for extremely low pay. You do usually get what you pay for.
    $300 won't get you a rock-star designer, but it will get you a better logo if you directly hire a designer and work one-on-one with them than if you spend it a place like 99 designs.

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